Friday, September 4, 2009

Rachel & Craige

I met up with Rachel and Craige early last Saturday to walk around Old Town Alexandria and take some engagement photos. They got engaged in May, but I kept leaving the weekends when Craige was in town (unintentionally!) so we were finally able to meet up to get some shots! We were out for a couple hours and headed inside after we couldn't stand the humidity any longer. Here are some of my favorites.

I loved Rachel's dress! She got several compliments from passersby while we were walking around. The color looks amazing against the ivy.

I spotted this bench a few days before the shoot and knew we had to head back to get a photo with it.

I love this yellow brick wall! Plus, check out Rachel's awesome shoes. We each ordered a pair earlier this summer, and they are super cute and amazingly comfortable!

They are so sweet together!

I think this shot was my favorite from the day.

Rachel spotted this knot in a wooden fence and thought it would be cute to shoot her ring in it.

Congrats again, you two! <3