Monday, January 10, 2011

San Diego Shooting Group

Hey Friends!

I wanted to write a quick post to let you know about a new opportunity I'm taking on this year.

Last month, Stephen Knuth approached me to take over the reigns as organizer for the San Diego Shooting Group, since he's moving to beautiful, sunny Florida to be with his new bride! :) He started this group last year as a way for photographers to get together to shoot, learn from each other, and build community. What's the best part of this group, you ask? Well, shoots are kept small so that they can be offered FREE for participating photographers! It's a great way for us to connect, practice, and learn! Typically, we'll meet up for a shoot in the afternoon, shoot for a couple hours, then we sit down and chat over dinner at a nearby restaurant.

We have one shoot lined up right now, and my intentions are to hold shoots every other month. The upcoming shoot is happening on Friday, February 4. It will be an engagement-style session in La Jolla. If you are interested in participating, tickets will be released this Thursday, January 13 at 7:00 pm (Pacific time). As I mentioned earlier, this shoot is FREE but the tickets are a way for us to control the number of people that will show up. Click here to register.

Sound good? Join us on Facebook to get advance notice of upcoming events, and don't forget to register for our next shoot!

See you soon!